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2023 Impact Report

You crown the year with Your goodness; and Your paths drip with abundance. Psalm 65:11

At An Even Place we have completed our second year in ministry and are excited to report we are an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization as of August 2023. 

With a heart full of gratitude I wish to thank our prayer team. Nearly 100 people make up our prayer team who diligently hold up our arms and faithfully stand in the gap for every woman who contacts us for abortion recovery healing. Because of you the work we do is much lighter. We couldn't do this ministry without you!

A big shout out of thanks to all those who have financially supported the ministry. We are incredibly blessed by your faithful contributions so we can continue to the bless the women in our care. Thank you for believing!

Welcome to our newest group leader Sheila Johnson and I want to thank all the group leaders who helped minister to the women this year. Thank you Nancy Simpson, Linda Keener Thomas, Victoria Robinson, Audrey Turner, Teresa Shepard, Nancy Hall, Michelle Choate, Debbie Karvonen, and Mandy Pool. It was a joy to lead alongside each of you. You each bring unique gifts and talents and I love you all!

My deepest appreciation to Mandy Pool for your friendship, support, and talents as the new Administrative Assistant for An Even Place. 

Thank you Nancy Simpson for keeping my grammar correct and helping me organize my thoughts so they make sense for the reader. You are amazing!

Finally, I need to thank our newly formed board of directors: Tony Hamilton, Christy Jaye, Teresa Shepard, Karen Luksch, Victoria Robinson, and Jeff Marshall. You stepped up to the call and now we get to build this ministry together. God is going to do great things!  Thank you for saying yes!

2023 Seeds & Harvest Results

35 loving conversations sowing seeds of love, hope, and truth

28 women tended to who completed our abortion recovery groups and are now living in victory

36 Babies Honored

(66 babies honored since 2022)

23 Leaders Trained

A note on loving conversations

Since our beginning (Jan. 2022) 121 women have contacted us inquiring about abortion recovery healing. We respond to each inquiry but often they do not respond back. There could be many reasons for this. What we have experienced is many of them feel a measure of relief just by contacting someone to say they had an abortion. In that moment, that is enough for them. Abortion is the long game, and we understand sometimes it takes many baby steps that lead to being in and completing a group.  Of the 121 women who contacted us, a total of 48 have completed a group with some of them using their healing to help others heal. A total of 67 responded after we first made contact with them. Some did not finish a group they began, some were referred to another group because ours were full or already started, some weren't ready to start, and many of these women are on our waiting list for next year. Our goal in every conversation is to allow them space to be heard, find out where they are in their healing, what they want from a healing group, and share the love of Christ with them giving them hope for healing.

A note on training leaders

This year we had the pleasure of training 23 leaders from around the country how to do virtual abortion recovery groups. It was a joy to interact with these women knowing they were launching their own virtual ministries and even more exciting that four will be joining the AEP team again next year. We have equipped more workers in the field to reap a harvest by helping women heal from the emotional trauma of abortion through virtual means. Yay God!

Healing Impact

"I enjoyed meeting virtually because I was able to meet women from all over the world. Also, I enjoyed the fact that I could come home from work and get comfortable and not worry about traveling somewhere for a study. I was surprised, but we could become intimate, just as if we were face-to-face.
I felt completely accepted and loved in so many ways. Mindy was so Grace filled and loving. The other gals embraced each other and were supportive. I looked forward to each week sessions wanting to grieve the years I never knew was affecting me. By listening to others abortion experiences, it helped me to understand I wasn’t alone. I loved the material and God’s word to be the focus of our healing. It was great!"


A note from a leader's perspective

What an amazing year! We saw women find hope where there was shame, and freedom where there was bondage. Many carried their abortion secret and shame for decades.  Mindy walked two women on the journey of healing only to find out their daughters would've been her age (54 years old); this was their first healing group.  We watched one woman come to the startling and gripping reality that she is not defined by her abortion rather she is defined by Christ. She was so taken back at this realization she doubled over with tears as the revelation washed over her.  She came with a joyful countenance to each of the following sessions, replacing the hollow look she carried initially.


We've watched women come to understand how anger had consumed them and then learn to let it go and trust the Lord as they extended forgiveness to those who wounded them so badly. We've watched women leave with smiles, joy, acceptance of Christ's forgiveness and hope for tomorrow. For every participant who finished, these beautiful and precious women of God now possess strength, confidence, and purpose.  This is God's work that we have the distinct honor to participate in as we watch them grow in the knowledge that they are precious in the sight of the Father through the blood of Jesus Christ. 1 Peter 1:17

Sheila's Healing Testimony

How you can make a difference?

Three ways you can help...  

1) Tell others abortion recovery healing is a thing. 82% of women who struggle with a past abortion have no idea abortion recovery help and healing is available to them. (Support After Abortion Study)

2) Continue to pray for the ladies. God is already working in hearts that need to pursue healing in 2024. Pray for those waiting, that they sign up; pray for those searching that they find us.

3) Sponsor a lady who needs healing. With a $25 a month donation you will support one woman on her healing journey.  $50 supports two women, etc. DONATE HERE. 

One-time and recurring giving are available.

All we do through An Even Place with healing and coaching we do on a budget of less than $15,000 a year.

Yes! You heard that right. 

Partner with us and make a huge impact on the kingdom. When ladies are healed they become fierce warriors to help other women avoid the destruction of abortion and embrace their babies. They come alongside other women who need healing. Your financial support will give life to a woman who goes through our groups. It will multiply when she goes out and does the same for another woman. Through this cycle the kingdom expands, the angels rejoice, and your heavenly Father says, "Well done!"  

Forward logo Alt-1.png

Forward With Purpose Coaching

Spring 2023 Mindy took a Christian Coaching class to learn more skills for leading groups. However, a bigger opportunity began to present itself. She asked the Lord if she could use coaching to help women who struggle with the demands of pregnancy resource center (PRC) ministry leadership responsibilities, to help them move from being overwhelmed to operating with full clarity so they may remain in the fight and avoid burnout. The next week He brought her three clients working in PRC ministry.

His answer was, "Yes!"

In August 2023 Forward With Purpose Coaching was born. This year eleven women have been coached.


Read their testimonies on the website.

Coaching Impact

"Mindy is a coach who is direct, bold, and sincere! I respect her because she is willing to allow God to work through her. Mindy is a Christian and her values show in her actions. She listens well and responds in ways that allow me to think, pray, and work on a solution. I enjoy our time together; although it may be tough on occasions, it is pruning me to grow in ways that Christ would have me grow. I highly recommend her as a coach."


Mary Fowler, RN 

Coastal Ben Pregnancy Center

Forward With Purpose Podcast
January 2024

In February, what started out as a hobby to help other abortion recovery ministry leaders has turned into a project of An Even Place and in partnership with The National Memorial For The Unborn. The Abortion Recovery Network podcast has aired twenty-four episodes with 1054 downloads. 

ALT Podcast blue logo (500 px).png

Listener Impact

"I'm very grateful for the "Abortion Recovery Network" podcast. It has been great to hear the different perspectives and stories from other abortion recovery leaders. It's very encouraging to hear them address some of the same challenges I've faced as well as answer questions I have. As someone who is new to Abortion Recovery I feel these podcasts and the resources that are offered on the episodes have really helped equipped. Thank you Mindy and Linda for your yes and creating this space!"  ~Coryna Scharer, Abortion Recovery Group Leader

A note on listener impact

Coryna and I have begun a sweet relationship as she is leading her first abortion recovery group and doing a great job. In times past, we often had to wing it. The Lord is raising up many to come alongside the leaders with training, manuals, and other educational support. The Abortion Recovery Network (soon to become Forward w/Purpose in Jan. 2024) podcast is the first of it's kind. Linda Keener Thomas (President of the National Memorial for the Unborn) and I teamed up to give access to abortion recovery leaders to learn what other leaders are doing from the comfort of their homes, driving in their cars, or while doing chores on the weekend. With all the various leadership styles and book studies written there is so much to learn from one another. The Abortion Recovery Network podcast creates an easy and convenient vehicle for learning, and every episode includes our emails and guest emails for connecting with additional questions between the listener and guest.


The Abortion Recovery Network is group leaders helping group leaders with abortion recovery ministry. The podcast can be found on Apple, Spotify, Google, Pandora and others. Or directly at 

Final Thoughts

The pregnancy resource center (PRC) worker and the abortion recovery worker are working on the same team from different sides of the field. PRC is working offense and abortion recovery is working defense. Together we are fighting to stop abortion. You might be wondering how abortion recovery helps to stop abortion. To help a woman heal will keep her from repeated abortions and spur her on to find her place in this fight to help other women.   45% of women who have an abortion have multiple abortions. 

Healing, coaching, and the podcast all work together to help stop abortion from being an option. Often after completing abortion recovery healing a woman wants to serve in pro-life ministry in some aspect. The burdens of this ministry are heavy, so to continue in a healthy and effective manner, she will need caring support. She will need to hear from others in the field to learn, to grow and to be encouraged in the fight. 

An Even Place offers that place of healing, Forward with Purpose offers support and care through coaching, and the podcast gives easy access to hear from other leaders to learn and grow in ministry and leadership. 

Do you like what we are doing?

Three ways you can help... 

1) Tell others abortion recovery healing is a thing. 82% of women who struggle with a past abortion have no idea abortion recovery help and healing is available to them. (Support After Abortion Study)

2) Continue to pray for the ladies. God is already working in their hearts for them to pursue healing in 2024, pray for those waiting that they sign up and those searching that they find us.

3) Sponsor a lady who needs healing. With a $25 a month donation you will support one woman on her healing journey.  $50 supports two women, etc. DONATE HERE. 

One-time and recurring giving are available.

If you would like to learn more about the work we are doing I'd love to meet with you for coffee, by zoom, or by phone and answer all your questions or hear your ideas for effectively ministering to those we serve.

Thank you for partnering with us. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! 


God is doing great things in this crazy world. :)


Mindy Lefaucheur

Founder & President, An Even Place

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