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Meet women who are not in your social circles, relax in the comfort and safety of your own home, while embarking on a healing journey that will free your mind and soul through God's word.

Forgiven and Set Free

Abortion Recovery

"A woman who hurts after an abortion is not always understood. The intensity of her emotional reaction may be a shock to her as well as tho those from whom she seeks counsel. Women who choose abortion for what they consider all the right reasons at the time are not exempt from mourning the loss of her child. This Bible study is a tool for women who want to turn to their relationship with God for hope and healing. This book will guide you...where you will find the peace of God's forgiveness and the freedom of forgiving others."

Excerpt from the Introduction of Forgiven and Set Free

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Healing Sexual Brokenness

"Unbound shares vulnerably about...SEX. It dares to speak the truth about shame, unforgiveness, and anger that wreak havoc on our emotional and spiritual health. Combined with creative exercises and object inspires us to believe we don't have to live cowering and captive by shame.  We were created for life-giving relationships that bring honor and glory to God because He yearns for you and me to experience and understand the power, purpose, and beauty of sexuality by His design--in holiness."

Excerpt taken from the forward of Unbound

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