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From a participant to her prayer partner

Posted with permission


Thank you for your dear notes of encouragement. Aside from the pure power of love from a stranger and the living Word, the fact that you could extend yourself like that to what most people find uncomfortable, it had a value distinct from our peer support.

In our review session, we unanimously were touched by the contribution during sessions by the one person who was not post abortive. She represented to us all we wish the Church to be. We received love and wisdom through her active listening, her compassion, her connection with us through a personal life testimony. It had nothing to do with abortion but everything to do with being broken and restored. She was able to establish an important connection through her humility. Her insights were spot on impactful, painting a picture of a God who sees us differently than how we have been seeing ourselves.

Our (post abortive)peers were essential to corroborating the reality of our starting points and what happened inside. The Church was represented by this very busy mom with all kinds of life complications, and there was you pulling for us as well. The Church confirms Christ’s Word and His love through a redeemed human expression. It's His design, that persons can find healing through His truth and love poured into the saints.

It is no secret that we the Church have a long way to go. If post abortive Christians cannot receive acknowledgment from their own Body, how discouraging is that for the unsaved? I am so excited about servants like yourself, who are willing to purposefully reach out and take the Love of Christ to this huge and underserved population. It takes great love to serve a population that is hard to understand. It takes the Holy Spirit. It is life changing. I want you to know how special you are.

My broader vision is that in response to this love, many will be telling their stories and blowing up the myth that abortion is good for women. The other myth is that the Church/teaching of Christ does not care for women (insert eye roll from Mary Magdalen). I hear people say my case is rare, that is the current propaganda, their only card.

Caring for women injured by abortion can be more effective than trying to battle media bias and legislation. You cannot unhear or alter a multitude of non-digitized human voices. Let the opposition live in the airwaves. We live and move in community, and that is reality.

Thank you, thank you. Your prayers enabled me to complete this work. Thank you for showing me that healing love. Your work is noted.




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