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Gods words

You know the song 'This is the air I breathe' and others like it talking about our breathe given to us by God?

We sang one of those songs in church this week. I don't remember the song's title but that isn't important. What is is the deep understanding God did as we sang about Him giving us breathe in our lungs.

As I sang God showed me how precious and powerful my words are to Him. Without Gods breathe in my lungs I have no ability to speak words. I'm borrowing His breathe to live and breathe- also to speak.

Words are simply sounds with breathe. Language is the ability to repeat those sounds and marry them to actions so we can communicate and understand one another. I may be over simplifying this but this is how I was putting all this understanding together today in my journal.

Without breathe - Gods breathe He gave me - I cannot speak or communicate with others. This means the words I speak I'm borrowing His breathe to speak them and that gives me great pause to consider what I'm about to say.

Much like our money and other resources- all given by God and all can be taken away - so is our breathe, the air I breathe. It too can be taken away. And one day my life will stop on this earth.

Until then how am I using His breathe? To honor, build up and worship leading others to the Lord by my speech? Or am I tearing down and misusing the very breathe He has given me?

This has deep meaning to me as I consider all the verses talking about our speech and tongue and the condition on our heart that effects our speech.

My prayer is:

May Your Word dwell richly in my heart. May the peace of God rule in my heart richly so the words I speak match, agree with, and align with Your words.

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