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(On Co-leading without abortion in her past)

Recently I had the opportunity to serve alongside Mindy for a weekend intensive for Abortion Recovery. In addition to working through the whole Bible study in advance of the weekend, I was constantly praying about the women who would participate as well as my place in it. Though I had not experienced an abortion, I was interested to see where the church could benefit from such a ministry. What an immense blessing I received!

We began the weekend with faces downcast and unsure. As the study unfolded, each of us began to see Godʼs love no matter how great our sin. I experienced conviction in the study of the Word, and saw how each participant began to understand Godʼs holiness and great mercy towards each of us. The Lord bonded our hearts as we were reminded of our sisterhood in Christ Jesus.

The ladies recognized a great Redeemer who makes all things new. It was a joyful ending as we learned that not only are we forgiven, we are free!

The theme passage is 2 Corinthians 1:3-4... As we said our goodbyes it was with the encouragement that we must seek out others who are living with the guilt and shame of past sins. We must show them the light of the Savior who calls us to fellowship with Him. This ministry is seeking to do the work Christ calls each of us too, especially the many who still hide behind a weight they cannot carry alone. ~Angie Cunningham


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