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Strenuous hike...but I thought it was a bible study

I like to describe going through an abortion recovery bible study as a journey similar to hiking the John Muir Trail (JMT). Disclaimer: I've never hiked this trail, nor do I ever see myself doing so. However, I've watched many YouTube videos of others who have.

Hikers will take up to three weeks to complete this trail. They will hike 221 miles, have a total elevation gain/loss of 46,000 feet (yes, I typed that number correctly), the trail is difficult to strenuous crossing over 11 mountain passes, many of them over 12,000 feet. Hikers will scramble over large rocks, endure lightning, sun exposure, heavy rain, snow and icy mountain paths with steep drop offs. While I would never enjoy this kind of a journey, I also won't experience the incredible views, amazing landscape, and crispy-clear stargazing from those mountain peaks.

Much like the JMT, the bible study the ladies journey through can be emotionally strenuous at times. It is never easy dredging up a secret wrought with shame. There is an internal fear of being consumed by the truth of what they have done. We lead them gently and confidently, helping them overcome the challenges they face. It is a privilege to guide them on the path to their Father's arms, battle earnestly in prayer against the lies of the enemy, and listen to their sorrows as they grieve for their baby. Those that finish are giddy with excitement because they've conquered their fear, grown closer to God, and have inexpressible joy as they behold the breathtaking views of freedom from the mountain top.

While we have the honor of guiding them on this journey we know the victory is won by your prayer support. You hold up our arms and we feel it. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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