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Testimony D.D.B.

Very loving, and open group of women sharing became easier with each meeting. Healing came along with authenticity and the amazing in depth bible study. I've healed so much. (On the leaders) Mindy was open and honest, great at facilitating the group and keeping us on track. Everyone felt open and comfortable sharing their abortion experiences. She kept us on track and challenged us to grow in certain areas. Very thankful and blessed for her excellent leadership. Whitney was a wonderful representative for the church, very knowledgable with scripture, honest and loving to the our group of post abortive women. She was a loving representative of the Lord's love and forgiveness. (On virtual group meetings) It was amazing and I loved the virtual experience. It was better than my last class of Forgiven and Set Free over 10 years ago in person. I've grown a lot as a christian but I also felt very safe in the virtual environment. I'm 100 percent for virtual meeting.


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