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Testimony E.S.

On Virtual Groups ...without this flexibility I would have never gotten the help I needed. My home town does not offer this kind of help. It has been a blessing to be part of this group. In these 8 weeks I was able to feel like someone finally understood me. My group experience was amazing. It allowed me to open up and realize my feelings were valid. I was able to see the pain I was feeling was normal and I was not alone in this. I was able to find my faith again and my love for God has grown tremendous. I was able to learn so much on how the Lords word can be so healing. (On the facilitators) They were a great support system. I always knew they would be there at anytime of the day. They welcomed me with arms open and zero judgment. They heard me and felt my pain. I was able to connect with them emotionally. I was finally able to feel understood. God to is my healer and my rock. When I felt I was done he showed me he wasn’t done with me. He has helped me heal little-by-little what others have damaged.


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