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Testimony M.L.

Participating in this study has brought more healing for me as I knew it would as I have facilitated this study for others who are desiring healing. Every time you go through this study, another layer of the onion is peeled away. Even Place brought new enriching tools to the study which were revealing, thought provoking and impactful in new ways for me. My peace is now overflowing and that comes from the honor I have now displayed for my child.

(On Facilitators) Our facilitator has such a loving spirit and shares from her heart how specific scriptures speak to her personally. She is transparent, not holding back anything from her own experiences, always sensitive to each of us within the group, encouraging us to reach out with any questions, concerns, or despair. She goes way beyond by sending a short note and a scripture card through the mail.

(On Virtual) This course was virtual, but we all were drawn into participating, getting to know each other. It was just as effective as an in-person group.


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