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Testimony T.S.

I would like to start off by saying Mindy is truly the best leader I have ever had the privilege of being in a group with.

We have known each other for about a year and have become good friends, that is why I wanted to join this group, I was coping with a second abortion that I had just started to remember. Having gone through healing for my first abortion I knew exactly what I needed to do. So, when I found out Mindy was doing a Virtual Group with Forgiven and Set Free I wanted to be a part of it.

I love Virtual groups, being in the safety of your home is such a blessing.

Being a part of this bible study under Mindy's guidance, her passion and love for this Ministry was so apparent. And her Co-leader Carrie, she was so wise, and kind and so helpful. They were a great team.

It was truly a blessing to be in this group. God bless you Mindy and Carrie for your love for this ministry.


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