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Year End 2023

An Even Place have completed our second year in ministry and are excited to report we an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

A big shout out to our prayer team. Nearly 100 people make up our prayer team who diligently hold up our arms and faithfully stand in the gap for every women who contacts us for abortion recovery healing. Because of you the work we do is much lighter. 

I also want to say a huge and warm welcome to all those who have financially supported the ministry. We are incredibly blessed by your faithful contributions so we can continue to the bless the women in our care.

33 women served

46 Babies Honored

23 Leaders Trained

8 Groups Completed

This year I had the pleasure of training 23 leaders from around the country how to do a virtual abortion recovery groups. It was a joy to interact with these women knowing they were launching their own virtual ministries. More workers in the harvest to help women heal from the emotional trauma of abortion. Yay God!

Leaders and Co-Leaders

Thank You!

Linda Keener Thomas, Michelle Choate, Audrey Turner, Teresa Shepard, Mandy Pool, Nancy Simpson, Victoria Robinson, and Nancy Hall for joining me in serving these women. It was an honoring serving the Lord with you!

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Forward With Purpose Coaching

When I took a Christian Coaching class to learn more skills for leading my groups a bigger opportunity began to present itself. I asked the Lord if I could use coaching to help PRC workers to stay in the game by helping them avoid burnout through coaching. The next week He brought me three clients in the PRC field. 

Lead With Purpose Podcast

In February, what started out as a hobby to help other abortion recovery ministry leaders has turned into a project of An Even Place. Twenty-four episodes have been produced with 846 downloads. 

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The ultimate goal of An Even Place is to help women heal from a past abortion so they can become warriors for life. Whether that is working at a pregnancy center, doing abortion recovery, or other pro-life work we are all working towards the same goal-SAVE LIVES from the ravages of abortion.

Many of us step into ministry wanting to help women and babies to live productive lives but many of us bring brokenness into ministry. We still have healing that needs to take place. That was me! Without understanding or acknowledging this truth, what started out as serving the Lord ended in complete and severe burnout. 

I left ministry work defeated and believing the Lord would never use me in this space again. It took two years before I could entertain the idea that God still had a plan for my life; a call I could not ignore. While I came back more aware of many things and better able to lead myself in regards to becoming overworked I wondered what that season was all about. God doesn't waste our pain and suffering. If we are willing He will turn it into purpose, but I was at a loss as to how my season of burnout would be useful. Then I signed up for a Christian Coaching class. A few weeks in to the course my eyes were opened to the possibilities of how coaching can help PRC workers from burning out. 

With 62M abortions in the US it means there are millions of men and women suffering with a past abortion. At least half of those have had multiples. Last year I led 20 women through a healing group. This year we led 33 women to healing. So, the PRC worker and the abortion recovery worker are doing the same work from different aspects of the team. PRC is working offense and abortion recovery is working defense. We are both working to stop abortion. To help a woman heal it will keep her from repeated abortions and, for many, give them a voice they will be called to either the defense or offense. Do you see how the two are working together? 

My burnout was not an isolated incident. Because laborers are few workers are forced to wear many hats and those hats get burdensome. Coaching is a skill that uses deep thinking and good question asking and allows for space to contemplate, organize, see past the trees, get a big picture view, discover passion, maintain joy, all while the Holy Spirit moves between coach and client so the client can then go back into the game with gusto. Coaching is a beautiful and empowering relationship where the Lord is center.

All fees earned from coaching services go towards funding the abortion recovery healing groups. 

The Lead With Purpose podcast, currently Abortion Recovery Network (the name will change January 2024) is to reach abortion recovery leaders wherever they are at in their day. I began An Even Place by calling other abortion recovery ministry leaders to hear about how they were leading ministry and share my vision. I discovered they were eager to share and talk with others in their field. So, in the theme of keeping things simple Linda Keener Thomas, Founder of the Memorial For The Unborn, decided to co-host this podcast in hopes of helping others gain ideas in regards to the weightier and practical aspects of this ministry.

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