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Cup of Coffee

A nine-week group via zoom 

A two and a half day group via zoom 

All groups utilize the "Forgiven and Set Free" bible study curriculum. This study focuses on areas of the heart effected by an abortion experience, such as anger, depression, denial, forgiven, etc. These studies and our compassionate leaders will lead each participant down their own personal journey of healing, where the final outcome is freedom from shame and guilt.

What's Being Said


The study had such an impact on me. At times it wasn’t easy, in fact I almost gave up. I had a soul filled hard conversation with God and He showed up. The next morning it was so clear to me that I didn’t want to give up on God or me. This was something I wanted and needed to do.


After 35 years of pushing my thoughts and feelings aside, God spoke to me, telling me it was time for healing. This study was life changing and I would encourage any women that has had an abortion to give herself this gift of healing.


I love Virtual groups, being in the safety of your home is such a blessing. Being a part of this bible study under Mindy's guidance, her passion and love for this Ministry was so apparent. And her Co-leader Carrie, she was so wise, and kind and so helpful. They were a great team.


As Mindy lead me through the study she created a space where I felt safe, heard and not alone. I experienced so much healing and freedom from shame and guilt.

"We must remember that the shortest distance between our problems and their solutions is the distance between our knees and the floor."
Charles Stanley
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