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A leaders perspective...Lady C

Posted with permission by Lady. C.

Lady C. participated in a 2.5-day virtual group for abortion healing. This type of group is fast paced, with a lot of book work for the participants to complete between sessions. If a woman has distractions in her environment, it can make it a challenge for her to not only complete her work, but to continue with the group. Lady C persevered, she did the work, and the group members were able to see her come alive as truth washed over her.

Initially, Lady C would only speak when asked to speak. She is from a different country with a different culture, so I assumed she was shy to be in a group with American women. Fortunately, as the group progressed, she became more relaxed. She eventually began volunteering responses to questions in the study, and she shared thoughts about her past, her faith and her life. Lady C. was very articulate, and her knowledge of the Word was accurate. It was a joy to hear what she had to say, and her words blessed the entire group.

Post-group, Lady C. shared with me that when she signed up for the group, she was very skeptical. She said she felt she would be judged and criticized for feeling shame and sadness over her abortion. She shared that her perception had been that American women are all proud of their abortions and talk about them a lot.

She also told me that before the group, she cried everyday over her abortion. She shared that she now understands the forgiveness that God gives. She said she accepts that this was a part of her past, and she is now able and ready to move on. As she moves on, the passions of her life are to tell women about the awful effects of abortion to protect them from the same pain she has lived with, as well as helping others heal from a past abortion.

Lady C. is praying about co-leading virtual groups with An Even Place. She is seeking to connect women she knew in college who struggle with abortion in their past, to An Even Place for healing.

This story illustrates how we reach the millions that are silently suffering with wounds from abortion – one woman at a time. As each gains the courage to share their story, they can start the healing journey for another woman.

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