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A leaders perspective...Lady M

In the early stages of healing the details of a person’s abortion experience are often fuzzy. As time goes by, the Lord strengthens them, and they gain a little courage to seek out the details to better understand what happened that day. Now, this isn’t the case for all women, some of us do not have anyone or anywhere we can go to find more details and some simply don’t care to know more.

Lady M. wanted to know more. She had done a lot of work on her healing journey. She knew she had three abortions but there were some details that weren’t clear surrounding her second. Just weeks before our first session, she reached out to her former husband (the father of the baby) and asked him about the details of that day. She remembered she came home from the abortion center but was having some complications, things just weren’t right, and she was told to return to the center. Her memory stopped there. He must’ve thought she knew what he was going to tell her because his manner was sort of casual and nonchalant as he told her she aborted twins.

There is a stigma to having an abortion. There is another stigma to having multiples. It was hard enough to accept she had three children lost to abortion, now she needed to reconcile the fact that there was a fourth baby she needed to acknowledge before the Lord.

It’s never easy. It’s never simple. Our hearts are forever linked to our children. God is gentle, kind, and full of tender mercies. Lady M. assigned her baby a gender, gave him a name, brought him out of the shadows, honored him by giving him the dignity of his humanity as she said hello and goodbye.

Abortion is traumatic. Abortion is not something we dream of doing when we get older. Abortion is not a badge of honor but a cloak of shame. There are many, including ourselves, who want us to carry that shame all our days. God does not! He endured the cross, despising the shame. He scorned our shame. He lived the life we couldn’t live, to die the death we deserved to die, and rose from the grave offering all who call upon His name new life.

If anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation. All things have been made new. Hallelujah!


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