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Testimony J.W.

I just completed the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study with a small group that Mindy lead.

I came into the group with a feeling of brokenness, sadness and guilt that I had managed to bury for years based on my decisions as a youth. Through the 9 weeks we read plenty of scripture which showed us just how much God loves us and how he wants to heal us and live a joyful life. The study had such an impact on me. At times it wasn’t easy, in fact I almost gave up. I had a soul filled hard conversation with God and He showed up. The next morning it was so clear to me that I didn’t want to give up on God or me. This was something I wanted and needed to do.

Our group became closer and we shared in our sorrow with plenty of tears, but also shared in each other’s growth. By far the best and most life changing Bible study I’ve ever been involved in. God spoke to me in ways I’d never heard before. I feel like I’m a different person. I’m one of Gods children…a new creation and I know I’m forgiven and actually feel set free from the torment I had put myself through for all those years. I am a work in progress and this study encouraged me to have a closer relationship with the Lord. Highly recommend!


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