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Testimony K.M.

5 years ago, the Lord convicted me of a deeply rooted wound. If you had asked me then, I would have said that I was fine with the abortion decision I made 18 years prior. That was FAR from the truth. The day of my conviction, the Holy Spirit took hold of me, and tore open the wound I didn't even know was festering. Thus began my journey and healing. I began the Forgiven and Set Free study with Mindy and experienced what I would call "layers" being removed. With each layer, though painful, I found freedom and forgiveness. The study and most importantly, God, dug into the roots and made them clean. The study is rich with God's word so you can stand firm in what you are learning and dealing with. Mindy is an excellent facilitator. She is dedicated to the task God has laid before her – being a vessel for Him to bring healing and salvation to those of us who so desperately need it.


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