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Testimony K.S.

Going through a well organized study virtually, exceeded expectations. It's a safe, respectful and highly motivating environment. Well worth the time commitment and homework. Doing business with the past is empowered by peer support, moderated with sensitivity by a qualified leader. Viewing our stories through the lens of the bigger reality we all share, though the details vary, brings us to a place of acknowledgment, peace and purpose. Pieces of me are redefined by a bigger personal truth. Loss is recognized for all it is, not minimized or pushed past. It is given its proper dignity, attention, and name. The missing steps are all addressed, and it really does put us in a different head space. Finally. (On the leaders) Highly qualified, sensitive and responsive. Feedback very helpful. High level of support. Having a church rep present was important for my growth and healing regarding prior ignorance and insensitivity by church, and for me to be more tolerant and slow to judge. Could not have had wiser, sweeter leaders.

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